Forerunner and Edge 205 305 Problems and Repairs
Forerunner and Edge 205 305 Problems and Repairs

I have repaired over 1000 forerunner and edge devices so rest assured that the repair will be of the highest quality. Trust the experience, don't go elsewhere!  If I can't fix it, it can't be fixed!  I will refund your $$ if I can't fix it.

Many repairs are available upon request.

Battery, Button, Switch or Display replacements usually available upon request.
The rubber exterior buttons cannot be repaired, the entire bottom cover must be replaced ($50 or $70 with a new battery) Check availability
Please contact me for all requests other than batteries.

Batteries, switch and vibration mods are $35 EACH, so if, for example, you need the vibration fix and want the battery upgrade, select quantity of 2 at the auction.   If you need two switches replaced, select quantity of two.  Now replacing the speakers too!

New batteries are 1300mAh, the standard ones are 800mAh that's 62% more power which = 12+ hours on a charge!  

NOTE: There is a possibility that I will need to clear the device history and reset it to factory defaults.

I need spare parts, so I will buy your broken Forerunners and Edges (all models).  Don't throw them away!  

Bid and buy with confidence, I will stand behind my workmanship and products.  If you have ANY questions or concerns before or after your purchase I will make it right.  I have done this repair on Edge 205/305s for hundreds of happy customers.


Ship to address and will be provided after purchase.  My zip is 92371 if you need to calculate shipping costs before you buy.  Currently I am returning repaired GPSs two days after receipt.

Ship your GPS to me however you want and I will return it USPS.