200 500 Hard Reset
No Display on the charger Requires soft reset often

There are a few instances when it may be necessary to perform a master reset on the Edge 500. A master reset should be performed if the Edge is:

   Not functioning properly
   Needing to be restored to factory default settings
   Not receiving a satellite signal*
   To bring up language selection prompt if incorrect language text is showing
   Unable to pair up accessories, such as the heart rate monitor or speed/cadence sensor

All settings, activities, and satellite data may be erased when resetting the GPS. Activities can be backed up to Garmin Connect. Refer to the FAQ article "How can I back up my personal settings and profiles on my Edge 500?" to back up personalized settings.

To perform the master reset:

   Power device off
   Press and hold Page/Menu, Start/Stop and Power simultaneously
   Release buttons when the word "Garmin" disappears

After the Edge 500 is reset, it will walk through the initial setup. After completing this, leave the device outside with a clear view of the sky for approximately 15 minutes to acquire satellite data.